Drones – Take Your Pick!


More and more flying enthusiasts are taking to drones from toy helicopters. Drones are a bit more complex and can also do much more in tasks and entertainment as opposed to the toy helicopters. There are so many things that may pull an enthusiast to a specific drone over another. Here are two drones for comparison.

Zerotech has manufactured a drone by the name Dobby. Dobby is a small drone that is basically a machine to make the selfie photo taking a nice and fun experience. It is a good upgrade to the selfie stick but much more especially for those who love flying and experimenting with cameras.

Dobby is a 200-gram drone with an embedded 13 megapixels camera for photos and video which are stored in 16 GB memory card which is expandable. It is powered by a 970mAh battery that gives one a 9 minute flight time. It can be controlled by a remote or by an Android device 4.3 and above. The Android device will be used as the screen for viewing the photos or videos the drone will be capturing while flying. This control is in a 100 meter radius. One has to open an account on the smart phone or controlling device from where they will get the software updates necessary in controlling the drone. This is a measure to protect the drone pilot from interference by another Android device. It can fly as high as 3meters from the ground and has GPS application to help it navigate.

It is quite good with taking selfies. It can take photos from different angles as controlled by the smart phone. The photos can be in single shots, multiple or burst shots or 10second videos. It has face recognition to help in taking photos only when one smiles or as set. It can also be programmed to self time and take photos at 5s, 10s or 15s intervals. These photos can also be a result of shots from different angles as the drones can be made to follow the target person taking photos. The connection of the drone and the phone is made possible by the creation of a wifi hotspot by the drone for the device to connect. It takes fairly good photos but may need the pilot to really practice on the flying. It is much easier to control on open grounds than inside.

Ghost Drone 2.0 is another drone in the market. Though a bit heavier than Dobby at approximately 1kilogram it is easy to assemble. It is fitted with 12 megapixels sports cameras and a 25 minute flight within a kilometer radius. When the battery is depleted, it is programmed to come back to the spot it started from as controlled by the GBOX. It also has GPS embedded in it and can very easily be manipulated in open areas. It is compatible with Android devices and the Google VR goggles.

It can take photos in single shots, burst or self timing mode. It also can follow the pilot or target person to take photos from different angles. The movement of the drone can be seen through a connected smart phone which can also be used as a remote control. To give a virtual experience, the images captured by the camera can be viewed through the Google VR goggles. One will see everything as the drone ‘sees’ them. To change the angle of the camera, one only needs to tilt the head with the Google goggles and it is done.

There still is quite a lot the drones can and can be made to do but one may have to check more with the manufacturers and the desired role you want the drone to play for you to make a decision on which to go for.